Lipa Voda Background

Lipa side of life

Lipa Voda Lipa Voda

need 5 to 7 glasses
of water per day

Take into account the season,
age and activity and
adjust the water intake

Lipa Voda

Water is an integral part
of our life

Lipa Voda Lipa Voda

need 8 glasses
of water per day

Hydration protects the skin and
and the immunity. It reduces constipation
and can reduce the risk
of kidney stones

Lipa Voda je život

Water and our

The brain is a complex organ.
It is 75% water! Intake
of a permitted amount of water can
have a positive effect on your
daily results

Lipa Water with coffee

When you are working or
in the best company and relaxation

Lipa Voda je život


It plays a role in the formation of proteins, as well as in the generation of energy and its transfer, it helps the functioning of the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular system, as well as bone and teeth strengthening.


The human body contains about
1-1.5 kg of calcium, of which almost
99% is in our bones and teeth. This
clearly indicates that calcium is
necessary for proper bone structure and necessary for the health
and beauty of the teeth.

Location of the spring:

Lipa water rises from the depths of one of the cleanest parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is rich in rivers and is known for its ecological development.

The waters in this area are magnificent, whether you enjoy the beauty of the river or drink Lipa water.


Lipa water in its composition has the optimal ratio of minerals required for normal functioning of the organism.

Calcium (Ca2+) -101,18
Magnesium (Mg2+) -19,36.
Total mineralization:
473,57 mg/L

Lipa Voda je život

Source of Life and Health:

Lipa side
of life

For yourself choose only
clean, healthy and sourced
directly from the spring.

Lipa Voda je život